MEP Facility Integration

Every year, billions of dollars (that’s right – ‘Billions’ with a ‘B’) are wasted in the construction and architectural fields due to incorrect or missing information. Some reports put the number as high as $400,000,000,000.00 total. By using 3D laser scanning and complete BIM integration, you can guarantee the accuracy and completeness of the data provided.

3D Laser Scanning

Exactly, what is 3D laser scanning? The term is used in several areas today including construction, architecture, forensics, historical preservation, and others. To make it easier to understand, 3D laser scanning is the use of a laser projection system to take very accurate measurements and collect three dimensional data of its surroundings or target area.

Architectural Services

3CON, LLC offers complete architectural 3D scanning support and service. These services include data sets ready for AutoCAD, Civil 3D, Revit, and other BIM modelers. Before you start your next major job, let 3CON, LLC show you what laser scanning can do for architecture.

Forensic 3D Scanning

Local, State, and Federal authorities have adopted the use of 3D laser scanners to capture crime scenes. If your firm is considering using 3D data, you need to contact 3CON, LLC. We created the very first training and certification program in the United States of America for 3D laser scanning.

Web Share

Now you can share your 3D data worldwide without overly complicated technical hardware or software. Using technology pioneered by FARO Technologies, Inc, 3CON, LLC offers Scene Web Share. All you need is an internet connected pc and standard web browser.

Oil & Gas

Complete 3D scanning and documentation services for the Oil and gas industry. From refineries and drilling fields, to advanced offshore platforms, 3CON, LLC can bring your information together. With support teams located throughout the United States we support new construction or existing documentation for the oil and gas industry.

Are you searching for fast, accurate, and cost effective 3D scanning?

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